Navigating Social Media During COVID-19.

Navigating Social Media During COVID-19.

Jul 17, 2020

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has certainly been an interesting time for both brands and consumers alike. With more free time than ever before, new opportunities and experiences for using social media as a medium to stay connected with our audience have opened up. It’s also an opportunity to provide our clients with flexible marketing content and digital support. Remaining active is important during a crisis, enabling brands to stay connected with customers through fast-response times, social listening and online convenience. Here are our key insights on how to keep your business active online during this time:  

●      Conduct an internal content audit to ensure all content is relevant and sensitive to current events 

●      Use this as an opportunity to adjust, or optimise your current social media strategy (post regularly with updated and relevant content and remove content that deflects from current events) 

●      Explore and utilise new and exciting platforms for your business

●      Amplify a range of interactive and informative post formats, such as videos, live streamed podcasts, webinars or virtual events to elevate social interaction and encourage a sense of online community

●      Remain credible to your brand and your values

●      Use this as an opportunity to reach out to customers, listen to feedback and implement new solutions 


We needn’t let current events affect our business practices, but rather refine them and ensure we are using it as an opportunity with more time to reflect, re-evaluate and optimise our social media usage and stay connected to our online community.