The CliQ’s Social Media Updates: April 2022

The CliQ’s Social Media Updates: April 2022

May 18, 2022

Here at CliQ HQ, social media is simply in our veins. It’s our job to closely monitor the latest digital updates, so our valued clients (and you) don’t have to! So grab a coffee, tea, matcha, pick your poison, as we take you through everything that happened in April 2022.


The OG of social media advertising and one of the most cost effective ways to connect with your consumers. The digital giant now has competition…or does it?

Cue Web3 - the next generation of the internet. The question we’ve been hearing is: how is this going to work with/against Meta?

Let’s break it down for you…

The Metaverse is a digital space, giving us the ability to integrate virtual worlds into our everyday lives. 

In contrast to its predecessor Web2 - centralised in the hands of big corporates - Web3 favours a decentralised web, putting content and digital asset ownership and control back into the hands of its users.

Web3 will serve as the base point for the Metaverse, meaning this new open and decentralised reality will flow through and into the virtual reality. 

What do we want? WEB 3! When do we want it?


The age bracket of Instagram users is ever expanding - we are living for grandfluencers at the moment - so if you have a product for those 50+ the time to act is now! The younger side of that growing bracket means there is a natural concern from parents about their kids using the platform. But wait - no need to call a household Instagram ban!

Instagram has created a ‘Family Center’ – a hub where parents can see how much time their kids are spending on the app, set appropriate time limits, get notified when their children report an account and receive regular updates on who their kids are following and who's following them. And in May, the company will also begin automatically preventing kids from accessing age-inappropriate apps.

Our main man, Mosseri, described the changes as "just one step on a longer path", once again showing us the platform is there to listen, evolve and adapt to ensure their users wellbeing. Well ain’t that wholesome!


AKA Elon Musk’s new playground. Just recently the platform has accepted a $US44 billion takeover bid from Musk, who we assume now is giggling smugly as he ticks another takeover off his checklist. We won’t blame you Elon.


Remember when Instagram started letting individual creators design their own filters and effects? Well TikTok is following suit. The platform’s new Effect House is a space for the creatively (and technically) minded to design and share their creations. For brands, this means you can put your stamp on the things you create, own it and let your audience have fun with it too!


Our friends at Snap are working hard on giving us the goods - in the form of innovative AR, and potentially even VR tools via its Bitmoji avatars - their leadership team has even used 3D Bitmoji characters as their profile pics in its Q1 report!

Can we expect another Snapchat takeover? Time will tell, but rest assured we will keep you in the loop.


It all began in 2005, with late nights on YouTube that ended in us laughing at a ridiculous video of a disturbingly animated unicorn named Charlie. This progressed to Vine (RIP), which led to Instagram, which led to TikTok scrolling for hours on end. The ongoing desire for quick and snappy video content is clear. 

So, what’s new? YouTube Shorts! Easily accessible through your YouTube app home screen, you can scroll away to your heart’s content. The viewing format is suspiciously similar to TikTok…

…EXCEPT viewers have the ability to instantly subscribe to the Short’s owner - the YouTube channel. 

Quick? Check. Scrollable? Check. Subscribers? Watch them grow.


The platform is expanding its arsenal, releasing some pretty cool new tools for creators! LinkedIn Content Creators - it’s a thing now. You heard it here first.

From total impression numbers to engagement statistics, Creators are now able to see what users are loving and how they can improve. ​​Plus – there’s the newly released New Content Alerts, so followers can catch every single post that’s published. Audiences can also choose to receive a notification whenever something is posted on LinkedIn by hitting the “subscribe bell” at the top of their profile.

We love it. No notes!

Phew! There you have it. A short and sweet summary of everything that happened in social media this month!

Stay tuned for our next update…