Tips and tricks to make video content work for your business!

Tips and tricks to make video content work for your business!

Sep 11, 2020

Video content is one of the best ways to engage with your audience online, with a recent study revealing that by 2022 82% of ALL online content will be video! But if you're not sure where to start, consider our 5 steps to a great corporate video:

1. Make sure you have direction: Know what you want to communicate to your audience before you start. Are you answering a question or sharing your top tips? Tell your audience!

2. Loud and clear on mute: Did you know that most B2B (business to business) videos on Facebook are watched on silent? Make sure your content is visually interesting and consider adding in subtitles or explanatory graphics so your message can still be received without sound.

3. Repurpose existing content: If you don't have any specific content to work with, creatively repackage old footage or imagery you have to engage a new audience. Adding visual elements, effects and text (where appropriate) is a great way to freshen up older content. 

4. KISS: Keep it short and sweet. If your video is longer than a few minutes, you risk losing the interest of your audience. Even as little as 30 seconds can still be effective, as our attention spans become shorter and shorter. Condense your information, giving only what is necessary –start with the problem, propose your solution and direct them to your product or service with a strong call to action.  

5. Call to action: This is how you tell your audience what to do next, whether that be to find out more information or get in contact with you. Putting the call to action at the start of the video may seem odd at first, but it ensures your audience sees it even if they don't watch your video to the end. This will then make it easier for them to take the next step.

Also, make sure to remember who you're targeting so you can reach them more effectively. When are they most likely to be online? Find out and make sure your video is visible then.

Making a B2B video doesn't need to be a bank-breaking endeavour. Showing your customers what goes on behind the scenes is enough to peak interest, as it shows transparency and authenticity. It will also help to create a personality and three-dimensional element to your business, endearing your customers to you and showing off the hard work that goes into making your product or service great!