The Social CliQ’s Top Tips to Kill It This BFCM

The Social CliQ’s Top Tips to Kill It This BFCM

Nov 30, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for a digital marketer anyway. Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is juuuust over the horizon, so it’s time to don your strategy hat and get cracking. 

Black Friday Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) brands and businesses using social media and EDMs as their primary marketing channels in particular. With another year of turmoil under our belts and ongoing uncertainties (thank you next, Rona), online brands are best poised to make the most of this day of no-holds-barred consumption. 

At The Social CliQ, we pride ourselves on smashing BFCM out of the ballpark for our clients, and it’s arguably the biggest weekend of our whole year (with the exception of our *iconic* Christmas parties and their inevitable recovery period). To help you see those dolla dolla bills roll in yourself, we chatted to one of our amazing Paid Media Specialists, Sam, to get the DL on some BFCM non-negotiables. 

1. Beware of the surge. As Sam explains, “you don’t want to lose sales because your site does not load.” Quite right. It’ll be hard to sell that hero product you’ve got customers clamouring for if every time they try to check out your site crashes and burns. Not only will you lose sales, you’ll also frustrate what otherwise could have been a host of loyal returning customers –i.e. the opposite of what you want. 

2. Get that offer looking reeeeal hard to resist. Or as Sam puts it, “think about what gets you clicking!” Whether your offer is Buy 1 Get 1 Free, a percentage off, free shipping or discounted bundles, the possibilities are endless, so get creative! What’s an offer you love to see, or that gets you rushing to click ‘buy now’? If these offers can excite you, a world-weary brand manager weathered by the fickleness of customer demands, changing trends and your own personal budgeting efforts, then it’s likely to get your regular customers clicking too. 

3. Feelin’ hot hot hot (okay, we’ll stop with the song references, promise). The aim of the BFCM game is conversions. Now is not the time to be pouring time, money and frankly, your graphic designer’s sanity, into brand awareness campaigns. For this weekend, it’s all about retargeting those hot audiences –either people who have abandoned their carts with you or pre-existing customers who have purchased from you before. We’re almost certain that if a customer bought your product at full price and loved it, a BFCM offer will be too good for them to resist (see aforementioned point). 

4. Know what you’re good at. That’s right bestie, it’s time to play your strengths. As our specialist Sam says: “Know your best sales channel and use it! You can experiment with new channels after this crazy time, I promise.” While you might be itching to blow up on TikTok (and let’s be real, who isn’t), if Instagram or EDMs are your stomping ground, stick to them. Invest in what you know works for you to guarantee those returns and make it rain. 

Something else to remember? Cost per action can get more expensive during this time, so spend your money wisely on an audience who knows your brand –that way, it’ll be more of a sure thing. Savvy customers (like you and me, am I right?) wait for brands they like to go on sale so they can shop up a storm! This being said, it’s also worth keeping in mind that these same savvy customers know BFCM is coming up, and are preparing their wallets accordingly. Thus, don’t get a shock if your regular flow of sales takes a hit in the lead up to the weekend –if you’ve strategised correctly, BFCM will more than make up for it! 

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