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What are Micro-Influencers and how can they help your business?

Micro-Influencers generally have between 1000 and 10,000 followers and are considered more as “peers” to their followers than celebrities. They often have authentic connections with their followers and their influence presides predominantly within niche geographic or virtual communities. While large-scale mega Influencers are effective for creating brand awareness, when it comes to conversions, Micro-Influencers are where the opportunity lies. The nature of the relationship between the micro-influencer and their followers means they appear more accessible and “people like me”, meaning their promotional posts can act instead as word-of-mouth marketing, which is considered the most effective form of brand outreach available! Thus, the value in Micro-Influencers lies in their relatability, which is doubly as important as popularity. They are also much more budget friendly, as they have higher levels of engagement with their followers and can sometimes be compensated with products rather than money. Sending your product or giving access to your service to a Micro-Influencer will allow them to either endorse your product/service and give it positive publicity if they like it, or point out areas that need improvement. This can be beneficial if your product is particularly innovative, as adoption rates of customers can be helped along by the endorsement of a trusted Micro-Influencer. 

Take time to research influencers who may be relevant to your brand and invest in relationships with them to build consumer trust and watch your engagement grow. 

If your brand would like to begin incorporating Micro-Influencers to assist with conversions but aren't sure where to start, reach out to The Social CliQ for a free consultation!