7 Steps to Facebook Marketing

7 Steps to Facebook Marketing

Jul 17, 2020

Facebook can be a fantastic platform to promote your business and sell your product, but not without a strategy!


Here is our easy 7-step guide to Facebook marketing:

1.     First things first, set up a page and optimize a business manager account so you can track your progress! And know you gotta pay to play!

2.     Content is king. Stand out from the crowd with posts that are helpful and relevant - are you offering your followers free content that is valuable to them?   

3.     Install a Facebook Pixel: This clever little tool allows you to track 180 days of activity on a website, giving you a sneak-peek into customer activity.

4.     Run a broad Facebook ads campaign aiming for video views. This cost-effective campaign will provide baseline insights into your target audience.

5.     Create custom audiences. Use the Pixel data and Video View campaign to determine a range of different customers who are interested in your content and building audiences accordingly.

6.     Remarket to customer audiences. Once you have audiences engaging with your brand, don’t stop there! Target them again (and again) and watch those conversions roll in.

7.  Sell your stuff! Seems like a given, but taking the time to invest in the first 6 steps will ensure a much more engaged, loyal and enthusiastic audience when the time comes to sell your products!