The Social CliQ’s strategy facilitated significant increases in brand awareness and online sales for growing women’s label, Sainted Sisters.

Growing women’s label Sainted Sisters straddles the line between lingerie and fashion apparel with their delicate silk camisoles and chemises. Their garments are designed in Australia and sourced from around the world, with the intention of creating beautiful, wearable wardrobe essentials that make women feel good in their skin.

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For Mother’s Day 2020, the brand was looking to increase brand awareness and boost sales, enlisting the help of The Social CliQ to execute a 25% off sale in time for this occasion.


As Sainted Sisters is in the brand-building phase, The Social CliQ concluded it was most appropriate to implement a Facebook Ads funnel strategy to maximise website traffic and customer conversion. This was as The Social CliQ seeks to create campaigns that build on one another to achieve both a reduction on cost per result and an increase in sales.

With the purpose of increasing brand awareness amongst new interest audiences, the first funnel advertising campaigns were delivered as Facebook Instant Experiences promoting the 25% off offer.

The second funnel layer was executed to promote a customer return rate, and was aimed both at new customers and those who had engaged with the Instant Experiences previously. This advertisement took the dual form of a video format to drive video views and a dynamic ads carousel, featuring the top 5 best-selling products.

Finally, a third ad funnel in the form of a dynamic ads carousel was implemented using information acquired from the conversions campaign. This consisted of a retargeting of customers who had interacted with the brand in order to reduce abandoned carts and boost conversions further. This campaign provided an opportunity for individuals who had viewed but not purchased to be reminded of Sainted Sisters’ products and add further purchase incentive, as well as those who had previously purchased to showcase more products.


ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
Results achieved in 30 days.

The Social CliQ’s strategy facilitated significant increases in areas pertaining to Sainted Sisters’ rapid growth and brand awareness, as well as surpassing previous digital KPIs.

Our branding messages reached a total of 385,406 impressions and enabled over 200 website clicks due to the active campaign.

The Social CliQ’s strategy to simplify the click-through experience with Instant Experience and dynamic carousel ads saw an increase of 310% in conversions in the Sainted Sisters’ online store, as an easy user experience was enabled.

The use of a targeted and considered funnel approach also saw a 627.3% ROAS (return on ad spend). By implementing this approach, The Social CliQ demonstrated that a funnel ad maximises expenditure and allowed Sainted Sisters to leverage social media to achieve a growth in online sales.