The Social CliQ’s multi-tiered ad funnel approach facilitated a rapid growth in awareness and online conversions.

The Knicker brings women comfortable and cleverly designed underwear in a range of attractive colours and sizes. Designed for women, by women, their products are made to reduce visible pantylines and they use soft, stretchy and light materials to ensure the comfort of the wearer. The Knicker has an online store that features an expanding range of knicker options.

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Due to the release of new colours and an extended sizing range, The Knicker sought to raise awareness and drive online sales of these new products. The Social CliQ was henceforth brought on board to execute a strategy to best achieve this objective.


The Social CliQ wanted to best demonstrate to customers that The Knicker had answered requests for more colour and sizing options. Therefore, a Facebook Ads funnel strategy was implemented, as this was considered the most appropriate action to take in order to maximise awareness of The Knicker’s extended range.

The first funnel tier incorporated a dynamic ad carousel as well as an Instant Experience with the intention of raising brand and range extension awareness to The Knicker’s target and lookalike audiences.

The second level of the ad funnel targeted conversions for the new sizes in The Knicker’s range, and was delivered in the form of a dynamic ad carousel. This advertisement endeavoured to attract both new customers and those who had engaged with the brand in its previous marketing effort and sought to convert this audience into purchasing customers.

A third tier campaign reintroduced the Instant Experience and maintained a dynamic ad carousel featuring products that the audience had previously viewed on The Knicker’s site, this time with the emphasis on the new colours being introduced to the range.

A fourth and final ad execution took place as a dynamic ad carousel. This was implemented in order to ensure continuous remarketing to audiences who had previously engaged with The Knicker and to prompt further conversions.


Results achieved in 30 days.

The Social CliQ’s multi-tiered ad funnel approach facilitated a rapid growth in awareness of The Knicker’s new colours and sizes at each stage, with a total 480,910 impressions.

Additionally, a total of 248 pairs of the new Navy knickers were sold in May 2020, with another 199 pairs of the Plum colourway sold. The extended size range of 16-24 also saw significant sales with 471 pairs sold throughout the month. This brought the total ad-related purchases to 191, an increase of 32% from the previous month.